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Why It Is So Important To Vote In This Upcoming Election


Privilege. This federal parliamentary election, we want you to remember that word. In a country that is delicate after a two-year global health crisis, it is a privilege to be able to stand up and vote. It is a privilege to have a say in who leads our country. It is a privilege to be able to stand up for your beliefs, and exercise your right to vote for politicians that align with your policies and values. It is a privilege to vote for parties who show strength of character. Heck, being able to vote is a privilege that females were not granted in this country until 1902.

It is a privilege to vote for politicians who will fight for your freedom.

In this country, citizens have the right and responsibility to choose their representatives in the federal Parliament. According to the Australian Electoral Commission, the representatives elected to federal Parliament “make decisions that affect many aspects of Australian life including tax, marriage, the environment, trade and immigration”. Basically, they will be the ones who will pass laws on issues which affect our everyday lives.

But why is this upcoming election so important? And how are we here to help? It’s no secret that many Australians are unhappy with how the current government has handled the global health crisis, among other issues. The current state of our nation is one of segregation, discrimination and abolition of Human Rights. We believe the current State and Federal Governments are culpable in destroying our way of life and robbing us of our freedoms. The way to overcome this is to take the power away from those who put us in this position. We need to elect those who stand up for the freedoms of ALL Australians.

Preferential voting, which is used in both the House of Representatives and Senate elections, asks you to number the candidates or groups in the order that you prefer. The order that you place the candidates will contribute towards the governing body elected. In the lead up to the election, Stand Up and Vote – that’s us – will be polling ALL candidates in ALL electorates on their policies and values when it comes to our freedom and sharing this on our website at Information on each candidate provided through our website will help you prepare, educate and empower you on how to exercise preferential voting at the upcoming election. You can then print your own how to vote card to take to the polling booths.

Founder and President of Voting Matters Jewel Burbidge said that Australians who choose not to vote are “forfeiting your chance for change”.

“Even if you don’t want to support any of the candidates, you must put the least worst person first,” she said.

“And what you can deprive satisfaction from, is the person you think is completely the worst of the lot, put them last – it is very satisfying, and effective.

“By putting them last, you completely negate their chance.”

Mrs Burbidge is urging Australians who are unhappy with the candidates planning to boycott the upcoming election to re-think their choice.

“If you don’t vote at all, everyone gets an equal opportunity – because your vote won’t be counted,” she said.

“The one you can’t stand, who goes last, will suffer if you put them last with your vote.

“So even if you are not supporting anyone, you are hurting the chances of the unacceptable one.”

Stand Up and Vote is a nonpartisan group whose aim is to change the face of Australian Politics. We are NOT a political party, and we are NOT associated with any political party. Now is the time to STAND UP for your FREEDOM, your FAMILY, your HEALTH and together, our FUTURE.

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